Why Business Camp?


Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it is also the most rewarding. However, for those who are equally passionate about their careers, school holidays can be the most daunting time, turning parents into circus performers juggling vacation care and school play dates and often dropping the ball somewhere during the circus performance. 


Educational & Engaging

Convenient & Easy

We're not just a standard childcare where students play with a ball and take long lunches. We're teaching your kids about business and creativity whilst you work. It's a fun, educational and enriching school holiday. 

No rushing or weaving through peak hour traffic or leaving work early to drop and pick up your kids. We're running programs directly at your child’s school so it’s just like a normal day of school for you, special one for them.


Our Programs


Your child can start their very own business this school holiday at WORK. Along the way, your budding change makers will have HUGE amounts of fun, build their soft skills and social capability and meet an incredible bunch of young people!

Pricing starts at just $329 per child for 3 days* (Minimum of 15 students)



Join more than 50,000 students who LOVE Business Camp!



Business Camp runs programs in workplaces in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We can run just one day in your workplace or 8 Weeks. It's entirely up to you - we're very flexible and can work around your learning objectives, space constraints and timings for the day!

Our Family

We have over 35 Classroom Coaches around Australia. All of our Classroom Coaches are under the age of 25 to ensure we are building a peer-to-peer relationship instead of a teacher-to-student relationship. School holidays should be fun. Young people teaching young people is pretty fun!


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My son attended the Business Camp and had an amazing time. He learnt some really valuable life skills at the same time came home after each session just full of excitement and couldn’t stop talking about what he had done each day. I highly recommend this for every child, the skills they learn each day will just support them in school and life and work. At the same time it’s a lot of fun.
— Alison, Parent from Sydney