Ideation Camp Schedule

Ideation is our most popular camp where all children aged 7 to 15 will start their Business Camp journey.

Day 1. Ideation & Team Building

– Business 101. What makes an entrepreneur? – Networking. Who is everyone? Where do we come from? – Ideation. What are some local and global problems? How can we use technology and innovation to solve them? – Market Research. How do we make sure that our solution really is appropriate?

Day 2. Planning & Operations

– Business Planning. Who are our co-founders? What are we going to accomplish by the end of the camp? – Rotations. Scripting, Financial Literacy, Prototyping and Slides – Young Entrepreneur Meet & Greet. We’ll bring a young entrepreneur to come and speak to the children about their entrepreneurial journey.

Day 3: Soft Skills & Exhibition

– Soft Skills. How do you speak so people want to listen? – Dress Rehearsals. Let’s practise our presentation and set up our exhibition stall. – Graphics. Create Logos, Flyers and Brochures using Canva. – Presentation + Exhibition with Parents + Extended Business Community.

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